Kathy Sorensen

Director of Investor Relations

Kathy Sorensen joined Armstrong Capital Development as a Transaction Coordinator in 2013. Kathy has served in investor relations and as a Development Manager and Vice President of Development since 2015. Currently, Kathy serves as the Director of Investor Relations where she manages the relationship with investors and asset transactions, and coordinates internal and external project initiatives from inception through completion.

Prior to joining ACD, Kathy spent eleven years in constituent service operations in Washington, D.C., including three years as Director of Administration to U.S. Senator Susan M. Collins and more than five years as a correspondence and administrative manager in federal and campaign service to U.S. Senator Gordon Smith.

Favorite Things

Kathy enjoys hiking the Colorado Rocky Mountains, traveling, writing and live theater.


Kathy holds a Bachelor Degree in Theater from Loyola Marymount University and a Master's Degree in Political Management from George Washington University.