Don Casper

Partner, Director of Design & Entitlements

Don Casper provides real estate and architectural consulting services for all of ACD’s development transactions. Don’s responsibilities include due diligence research of physical aspects of projects, land use entitlements, architectural design and documentation, project team coordination, tenant coordination, establishment of costs for development, and construction management.


Prior to Don’s current responsibilities, he served as the Vice President of Development at SullivanHayes Companies, a Denver based real estate brokerage and development company. Don has also served as Director of Design and Development for Homart Community Centers and held positions with The Mulhern Group and Pouw & Associates, Denver based architectural firms. Don’s experience includes the management, development and construction of retail and industrial projects totaling over 1.5 million square feet and $100 million in total project cost.

Favorite Things

Don enjoys photography, travel, sailing, skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. As an avid photographer, Don volunteers his photography skillset to a variety of non-profit groups and events.


Don holds an Architectural License in the State of Colorado.