Building Long-Term Value through Local Market Knowledge & Deep Relationships

Armstrong Capital Development invests and manages its real estate portfolio under the philosophy that a local presence and expertise is inherently necessary to not only build longstanding relationships within the local real estate community, including property owners, brokers, tenants and municipalities, but to also understand market fundamentals relative to identifying and executing upon attractive investment opportunities.

At the core of ACD’s approach is an essential understanding of the transaction lifecycle and the key components to building resilient relationships and long-term value at each stage of the process.


Armstrong Capital Development was built upon the idea that long-term relationships would be constructed through a track record of adhering to our word. Both a history of successful transactions and ongoing dialogue with the local community, drive ACD’s origination platform.

Transaction Execution

Armstrong Capital Development, as a result of being positioned within its target markets and having institutional knowledge of these communities, is able to efficiently identify and execute on investment opportunities.

Proactive Ownership

Supported by an in-house team, ACD maintains an active practice of managing its properties. Tenants benefit from an open communication channel and experienced property management platform.

Property PortFolio

A diverse portfolio whereby each property is uniquely positioned in its local market

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Experienced professionals dedicated to creating a successful transaction experience

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Our Philosophy


Def: A feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable and / or important

The expectation at ACD is that both internal team members and external constituents will always be treated with extraordinary respect. This expectation is illustrated in how the team at ACD approaches all constituents that function within an investment’s lifecycle.


Def: A relationship involving close cooperation between parties having specified joint rights and responsibilities

ACD understands the necessity of its long-standing partnerships. As a result, ACD continually strives to strengthen its existing, external relationships, while building new connections within the communities within which we invest.


Def: A center of activity, attraction or attention

ACD’s level of investment focus provides comfort to constituents in a transaction process. The capabilities and depth of experience within ACD’s team allows us to competently pursue transactions and effectively manage properties after closing.


Def: The ability to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen or experienced

ACD’s imagination drives the effectiveness and efficiency of transaction processes and helps create value for our investors over time. ACD’s historical success is a testament to this creativity.


Def: An extended continuance of individual life

ACD subscribes to the development and management of properties that will successfully retain longevity. This investment model creates value for those affiliated with a particular investment both during ACD’s hold period and long after ACD has exited.





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